Nice picture + beautiful text

Posted on 16.12.2009


Sometimes the union of the good picture and the text which was wrote with a passion can create something singular that touch our hearts and souls.

In this post I tried to collect some examples of that union. — this is a dialogue of the Bad Motherfucker Pit, the partner of Vincent Vega from Quentin Tarantino legendary movie «Pulp Fiction» and the guy with a burger. The perfect art-direction and motion graphic technique makes this dialogue even better that it is. — this is a monologue from the movie «Love me if you dare…». Very nice, romantic story, but in the same time full of drive and unexpected moment’s. This scene is the peak of the movie. It’s essence. The parallel edit with football match and fan’s emotion’s gives to this short cut more emotions and makes one of the best scene I’ve seen. — for this one I’ll sell my soul. It’s a full of emotions and rent text belong to… Of course to the Devil (which is the one of the best speakers in the history) in the «Devil’s Advocate» movie. Al Pacino was so perfect and convincing in this role that at some moment I believe that he is real Devil :)

So, enjoy this unforgettable examples of the perfect job of script writers while I’ll try to find some more examples :)

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