Posted on 25.01.2010


Funny thing :)

This year, after huge worldwide scandal with DDB Brazil and their campaign for WWF, OneShow Club said that they start to fight with fakes and those agencies and creatives who will send fakes to OneShow will be banned for 3 or 5 years from participating in festival.

So, OneShow deadlines is closer and closer and I visit their site to read rules and that’s what I found there.

«Q: My spot only ran once. Is it eligible?

A: Yes! You spot is eligible but we are requiring client contact information to verify your entry. You will be able to input this information when going through the entry process.The information will be kept confidential».

Of course they will ask you information about client and etc. but it looks like it was just bluff from OneShow about fakes.

Another one thing was about that you Executive Creative Director should sign all entries that your agency will send to OneShow. I’m interested how many ECD will not sign fakes from their agency? If you have client, if your entries was run on media (even once) and if you want to win OneShow, I think signature from your ECD will not be problem :)

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