Тест. А ты копирайтер?

Posted on 31.01.2010


Вот вам для проверки своих копирайтерских качеств и для тренировки несколько упражнений, которые требуются при поступлении в Miami Ad School. Упражнения сами по себе интересные, даже если вы не собираетесь никуда поступать, просто проверьте готовы ли вы к работе в западном агентстве копирайтером :)

A. The Onion

Have you ever read The Onion? It’s satirical news that is consistently good for a belly laugh or two. Check out the latest on the Web at http://theonion.com. Taking what you find there as inspiration, write a humorous 200-word article complete with sidesplitting headline.

B. The Anecdote

If you’re going to be a writer, you’d better know your way around an anecdote. Share with us a travel story—not a wide-ranging travelogue of your hike to Tierra del Fuego—but the tale of an incident, a memory-making moment. Something you could use to break the ice at the First Quarter Student Mixer. Keep your story under 500 words.

C. Deep Thoughts

Back in the early nineties, the TV program Saturday Night Live had a weekly feature called “Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey” which featured always-hilarious, sometimes absurd non-sequiturs like: “The face of child can say lot. Especially the mouth part of the face.”  Visit http://www.deepthoughtsbyjackhandey.com and explore the site to get a good feeling for the then write ten “deep thoughts” of your own. Keep in mind that you may need to write 100 of them to end up with ten that you actually like.

D. RC Cola

This is a two step assignment; submit six to twelve promotional ideas, one idea per page. You may use one of the following techniques to present your ideas:

You may use one of the following techniques to present your ideas.

  • Draw your ideas roughly with a black marker on letter-sized paper or
  • Use a computer.

In the American market you have two huge cola brands that own over ninety-five percent of the market: Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The number three cola is a hardy survivor called RC Cola (The RC used to stand for Royal Crown). RC, which has only 2% of the US cola market, continues to survive as a brand despite its low sales. Though it may never really compete with the likes of the two segment giants, RC could perhaps increase their market share one or two more points.

Step One: Define a target audience

Step Two: Taking all this into account and with the knowledge that your media budget is small (this means no big, expensive TV spots), write a campaign for RC that capitalizes on its underdog status and motivates cola drinkers to take a road less traveled. Use any media you like, so long as it’s cheap and effective. Consider traditional media like print ads, radio, or billboards. Also think about new forms of media like websites, events, video games and mobile media.

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